Field Masrshal Haftar Says Tripoli Operation Will Not Stop

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Libyan National Army (LNA) commander Khalifa Haftar vowed on Thursday that the operation he launched to rid Tripoli of terrorist and criminal gangs will continue, rejecting an initative proposed by Government of National Accord (GNA) chief Fayez al-Sarraj to resolve the crisis.

“Our military operations will not stop” until Tripoli is taken, Haftar told

The LNA had kicked off the offensive on April 4.

The suitable political climate will be provided after the operation concludes, Haftar continued.

He said that the LNA morale was excellent, calling on the people to dismiss rumors that the forces were “retreating or even considering suspending the operation.”

“The army and its leaders realize very well that they are performing a major and historic national duty. Their orders are clear and they know that Libya is in danger and that there can be no backing down from the duty to save it,” Haftar stressed.

“The operation will not stop until we achieve all of its goals,” he declared.

After Tripoli’s liberation, “we will enter a clear and organized transition phase that will fulfill several main goals, including the disbanding and disarming of all militias. All agencies produced by the Skheirat agreement will also be dissolved,” seeing as it has failed to resolve the crisis, but has in fact created greater ones, he said.

Haftar also spoke of the formation of a national unity government, which will manage the transition period. Should it fail to take up operations in Tripoli for temporary logistic or security reasons, it can take up base in any other city.

Furthermore, he accused Sarraj of obstructing elections throughout 2018 by hindering the funding of the electoral commission.

Commenting on the international stance on the Tripoli offensive, he said: “The majority support the LNA, whether directly or indirectly.” He added that regional relations were also “excellent,” remarking that “we have made significant strides in relations with Algeria and Sudan.”

Addressing Sarraj’s initiative, Haftar said: “Initiatives have no meaning unless they are brave and carry clear clauses that address the causes of the crisis and its very roots.”

He described Sarraj as “confused”, saying that “he does not know what he wants and does not control his own fate.”

Hafter remarked, however, that he does not oppose political solutions, the democratic process or elections, but they would be difficult to achieve as long as terrorists, criminal gangs and the Muslim Brotherhood still hold sway.

Libya deports another set of 137 Nigerians

….14,036 deported from 10 countries on two years

NEMA has received another batch of  137 stranded Nigerians from Libya which brought the total number of assisted voluntary returnees to 14,036 from 10 different countries since April, 2017 when the European Union  and International Organization  for Migration special programme commenced.

The Coordinator, NEMA Lagos Territorial Office, Alh Idris Muhammed who received the Returnees on behalf of the Federal Government disclosed that 94 male adults, three male children and three male infants are among the new returnees while 34 female adults, one female child and  two female infants.

The Returnees were brought back to Nigeria via a charter flight with Al Buraq airline with registration number MVTBRQ189/20.5A- WAC.MJIAD1505/15   landed at the Cargo Wing of Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos. about 8:20 p.m on Thursday night.

On arrival, the Coordinator enjoined the Returnees to make better use of the opportunities they have upon their return to the country to forge ahead and tap into various government enabling facilities that are aimed at empowering every Nigerians to be successful in life.

Out of the total 14,036 Returnees repatriated so far, those brought back from Libya amounted to 12,457 while Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ireland, France, Gambia, Austria, Poland, Morocco and Liberia share had various minimal number of Nigerians brought back purely a facilitated by IOM.

Meanwhile, the analysis on the total number that have been brought back indicates that 465 males and 408 females amongst those brought back have Psychosocial related needs.

Also, 454 males and 618 females are having various degree of medical needs.

The analysis further indicates that there were 61 males and 61 females Unaccompanied Minors who had been reunited with their relations.

There are 37 pregnant women brought back so far in the course of the exercise. The Coordinator while receiving the Returnees expressed Federal Government gratitude for humanitarian gestures of the EU/IOM intervention in aid of the Stranded Nigerians

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