10 ways to show deception in African politics – Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga

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~By simple illustration, deception means making bad look so good, while making good look so bad. And this is what I have been seeing in Afrika as we have gone to about half a century independent from looters, parasites, oppressors ie white imperialists.

*1. Corruption:* Today, we see an individual embezzling public funds which were collected from tax or got as aid or grant, when asked he or she pleads innocent, the media becomes silent, the government promotes him or her to another job or is acquitted and not even made to refund, neither his or her wealth is frozen.

*2. Government and opposition:* None has ever agreed with another, non has ever appreciated another’s support, rarely accept mistakes they do all they seem to prove is righteousness. At the end of the day, nations are divided.

*3. Youths in politics:* so innocent, so ignorant in most cases, so hungry for money and power, so illiterate, so young to manage! We are the most suffering more than traitors in our society. We are used in voting and used in riots when not satisfied but rarely remembered by those individuals apart from lying that the government has ignored us when actually they (governments) have tried so much despite the little money available.

*4. Biased media:* some of them wake up looking for *heart breaking news*, they rarely teach us about how to love our country and serve it, how we can meet our needs through best harmonious approaches, all reporting how nations are failing. They show how other nations are better places to live in and their nations are the worst.

*5. Sponsored riots:* when I see riots in any Afrikan state, I look for numbers, type of people and forwarded reason of riot. In Egypt we saw many striking and thought it was a genuine one, later Muslim brotherhood was condemned, in Libya we saw youths striking and inviting world to see dictator Gaddafi, today they’ve failed to understand the messy things they did, they are like suffering from fever as we are in *reconstruction of Libya period*, in Zimbabwe and South Afrika striking for land redistribution from white oppressors hasn’t been marketed worldwide like many gay rights activists who are not even 30 people on streets striking but BBC and CNN runs the strike for a number of times. All these riots we normally see are sponsored to cause havoc so that we don’t focus on development.

*6. Bio chemical weapons:* Ebola hits only communities with diamonds, gold and many natural resources. Some government people earn from this and can’t fight manufacturing of such diseases that have killed us like HIV AIDS has done. Look at those who preach against GMOs are not recognized but those promoting it are hosted on national TVs.

*7. So called human rights activists:* some of these are so stupid organizations that have promoted western propaganda. They are silent on CAR, DRC, Chargos archipelago in Mauritius, Somalia, killing of blacks in USA, human trafficking but shall come on TV condemning violation of human rights when the government beats up a goon sponsored to strike. Such traitors of Afrika.

*8. Impunity in government:* some government leaders have committed crimes, but are not touchable and assume above the laws, we have seen government soldiers killing people village by village but just because some member(s) like France is backing that government eg in Cameroon, but the BBC and CNN plus aljazeera are all dead asleep only wakes up when Uganda is questioning homosexuality promoting riots in Kampala.

*9. Useless multi party system so called democracy:* if families are broken up, communities fighting each other, nations extremely divided, just because of parties, then you see someone myopically claiming how democracy is only achieved using many parties. Am sure this is a white man’s system that replaced colonialism. You can decide not to vote me Tom Isingoma Mwesiga and choose Fred coz of his better capabilities than me but not because of our parties affiliated to. So useless and disastrous white man’s system.

*10. Traitors:* today treason case holds no water in Afrikan countries coz everything is possible with politics. In China you can’t live when corrupt, in Afrika corruption can save and promote you. In Afrika we have law on paper but not in system and minds, in Afrika a murderer goes home first before the deceased family reaches home from police to report. In Afrika media praises one who stands against government than one who stands to protect it. In Afrika we have not punished traitors but rather those who are preaching against it.

The is an analyst, author and Pan Afrikanism agent.

Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga +256703072203 whatsapp, Email:tomisingoma2@gmail.com

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