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I wish to humbly write this open letter today Friday 22nd June 2018 at 1935 hours to you.

1. There will never be another Cameroon πŸ‡¨πŸ‡² apart from this you are in and there will never be other Cameroonians apart from you who live in it.

2. Anglophone or Francophone Cameroonian is the greatest mistake you have ever created in your history and unless you look deeply into it you will never sit together as brothers.

3. You are almost 25 million people with over 200 tribes and too many political parties not forgetting religious differences, all these contribute much on dividing you like they have done in almost all Afrikan countries including my home country Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬.

4. The history of Afrika can’t exclude Cameroon as almost every Afrikan country in the Sub Saharan region has got cultures tracing back from your country, we still need your superiority in terms of harmony and prosperity apart from your strong culture. We need you in harmony because you are an ancestral land to millions of black people.

5. Europeans have done more harm than good in your country. If you are now unable to identify yourself without putting the Anglo-Franco side of categorization when you are neither from France or Britain, then know that you are Iike grasshoppers in a basket that instead of escaping from enemies are fighting each other.

6. Even if today francophone group is strong enough to rule, tomorrow Anglophone will overpower it, then vice versa, and you will never be united, there must be a permanent peaceful situation in your country. And I know you have ever had a better solution to involve both sides.

7. I Tom Isingoma Mwesiga has always been calling upon fellow Afrikans that Afrikan challenges must be solved by the Afrikan people first! It’s high time you thought beyond box and identified your common enemy.

8. As a Pan Afrikanist, any Afrikan country burning into fire due to war is the greatest pain at my heart. I can hear the cries of your children and mothers as they lie down in blood shed killed by fellow Cameroonians just because of differences in either speaking French or English! I cry for the spirits of your ancestors for intervention if your consciousness is being covered by anger and jealous.

9. No one shall come in to rescue you from fighting each other because a civil war is seen as a brotherly quarrel and in turn thousands and thousands of people shall died in cold blood when the world is watching, please think πŸ€”
10. Who looses when Cameroon burns beyond repair? Who feels pain when one group is brutally killing another? It’s you who are in this horrible situation, but the the magnitude of pain and warmth of blood shed goes all over to the hearts of Pan Afrikanists all over the world who have lived to advocate for unity of black people against our common enemy, please stop war in Cameroon πŸ‡¨πŸ‡².

11. HE Paul Biya and the government of Cameroon, I call upon you to think and act within the Afrikan context! Yes they may be hooligans against law and order, but as a Pan Afrikanist, the black hooligan is my brother more than an intelligent imperialist! Stop war in Cameroon! Afrika must be peaceful and governments must implement this!

12. Fellow Afrikans in Afrika and diaspora! We must not accept wars in Afrika anymore! We must not be victims of divide and rule which is catalyzed my multi party system so called democracy capitalism economies and imperialism! A war in Cameroon is a war on Afrikan people in the whole world! We must stop war in any Afrikan country if we are to unite as a nation! Our sovereignty is attacked whenever non Afrikans are influencing us to fight each other! The unity of Afrikans is the greatest fear of the world and therefore must use greatest force by all means whatsoever, to unite!

13. Afrikan Union, ECOWAS, UN and other organizations! If Rwandan genocide was not an eye opener, if CAR sponsored wars are not a signal, if Somalian war is not painful to you, if war in DRC is not too much for you, if South Sudan war is not enough for you, please rush to Cameroon πŸ‡¨πŸ‡² as your mandate to fulfill your objectives towards peace and humanity! Please stop it and now not soon or later!

~Am sure if this message is carrying weight, it will be forwarded to the responsible people using all possible ways.

{Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga +256703072203 whatsapp,}

tom isingoma

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