Africhanel Relationships: Should Men Provide Money During Dating to Their Girlfriends?

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If he doesnt give you money while you are dating, then expect none be even when you get married.Women,wake up. This is the most thinking of most African women unlike in other continents.

There is responsibility that comes with being a man in a relationship, a man who doesn’t show responsibility in courtship will never do in marriage.

Should Men provide money during dating? What women think. Well, most women think that they should be given money out of the relations to take care of their personal needs during dating.

Whole some radical feminists think that giving money to a woman could undermine gender equality, a majority think that it is their relationship right.

If a man gives a woman money, there are expectations that woman should stay in the family to do house chores. The woman is looked at a slave if they are not earning their own money. The level of dependence is too high and level of mistreatment that comes with this level of dependency is rather too high.

Other women think that if their men are not giving them money, then they should not be asking for sex before putting a ring on their fingers.
Definitely, I do agree with him because personally I don’t have time to wash and clean your things lol. I love eating and leaving dishes unwashed, bed unlaid, don’t even talk of clothes. Coz we make our own money, we don’t beg.
For the ladies who do not receive money from their boyfriend’s think that it breeds unfaithfulness which could lead to STIs.
The young ladies say that know such guys are the ones that will complain when you have sponsors to take care of your other financial needs if your boyfriend leaves a woman to take care of themselves and careless about the consequences.Actually we ladies should try by all means to make our own money, try all work please even if its washing neighbors clothes, baby sitting lito ones around, name it, please let’s get busy, otherwise these sons of Adam will keep taking us for granted
This is so achievable as long as he ain’t getting any sex till marriage or any extras. Meet in a restaurant every time in fact each one can pay for their meals. In fact meet at the AG on the wedding day and exchange your vows in a t shirt and pants don’t indulge in any cost before marriage dear.

What do Women Think?

Men have been advised by empowered women to stop presenting themselves as an ATM. For example, a man says hello to a woman and then, tommorow they are sending airtime; you find a young girl in a restaurant eating, and you offer to pay for the food like as if it was on your budget; you invite women to go out with you, and you voluntarily offer transport or to drop them off.

Such a gesture shows like the man is dominant over the women. “You behave like as if you own me or I was your property or savant”, Says Matopa from Namibia. Where there is a benefit, there is also a burden she adds.

Ring or no ring , are women financially secure? Or mediocre mentality at work. Women have been advised regularly to free themselves first by being financially independent, before running into a relationship waiting to be given money by these hungry men.

” Can I shout out loud that everything human should work towards financial freedom because even with ring some men are equally burdens and vice versa. Lets be objective as women”, adds Nakaggwa Felis, a Feminist part of the mother’s union group from Uganda.

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