Analysis on USA Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) -Luzindana Adam Buyinza,

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The United States of America has been at the forefront of promoting Democracy and Good Governance worldwide especially in Asia and Africa but this as largely costed it so much and it has really made so many Leaders in Asia and Africa to build systems which publically or covertly oppose the existence and policies of the United States of America. This has also reduced USA influence in the Business Sector especially in Africa. But further more USA influence in Public Sectors in Africa is declining since Africa has been able to find new partners who care less or not interested in issues of Democracy and Good Governance in Africa and Asia.

However the fact remain that Billions of Ordinary people in Asia and Africa have full confidence in the United States of America policy which focus on bolstering democracy and good governance and ensuring respect for human rights in Asia and Africa. While the ruling class in Africa and Asia is opposed to the USA Policies, the opposition political parties and ordinary people of Africa and Asia remain highly respectful to the United States of America.

For USA to remain at the forefront of directing global peace and development, it must now focus on support infrastructural projects in Asia and Africa, it must now invest more in giving cheap loans to both governments and private sector companies in Asia and Africa and South America. USA must focus on funding Joint infrastructural and business investments projects. The 60 USD Billions must target infrastructure programs and working closely with Local investors in countries in Asia, Africa and South America to boost Indigenous Industrialization.

The United States OPIC should establish powerful mechanisms in which it can be able to support Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia, Africa and South Africa principally on affordable financing schemes.

It’s very important that the USAID or the United States Agency for International Development must continue to focus on promotion of Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance, Accountability and support to Non-Governmental Organizations. USA Direct Assistance to Governments should also continue especially in the sectors of Health, Security and Defense and Education.

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) must take an equity stake in projects rather than just lend money or provide political risk insurance to help foster private investment in emerging markets and on African continent. This will give ability to OPIC to go in and participate with both public and private sector entities in other countries. That’s one of the important things. The USA must continue to work closely with its allies and to integrate United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda into the framework of OPIC.

The United States is being left behind in a lot of countries because it didn’t have the same financing products that other countries have. It has focused more on Direct Assistance to Governments which turn against it publically or covertly. It’s not too late. We can continue to Dialogue more.

Luzindana Adam Buyinza is an International Peace and Human Rights Promoter.He is a small scale Businessman in Uganda involved in Processing and Distribution of Natural and Herbal Products in Uganda with Focus on Buyinza Natural Tea,Buyinza Natural Juice,Buyinza Peanut Paste,etc.

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