Anite joins stingy women’s association of Koboko

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The ambulance was bought with the taxpayer’s money and besides that once you’ve offered something to the public it now belongs to the public so what’s the essence of withdrawing it after Losing, says Lokodo of Koboko town.

The move to withdrawal the Ambulance by Hon. Anite was not welcomed by residents of Koboko.

Yiga Gertrude a public health specialsits says, “What’s wrong with doing public service without expecting anything in return 🤷🤷she would have counted it as charity, for the time she spent in office couldn’t she have decided to leave the people with the ambulance after all there’s a large percentage of the needy”

Her problem is that she’s too emotional, even on issues that require simple solutions.

The action was also seen in humane, insanity, selfishness, greediness and lack of sense just proud for nothing woman,a leader, can’t act in such a manner it means she was ruling koboko, 5yrs is nothing just destroying her political career, People of koboko relax Dr.Ayume will secure for you another Ambulances to effect health service delivery.

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