Army Chief Orders Another Court Martial for Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang

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A new order from the Chief of the South Sudan People Defense Forces, Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak, could return Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolyang, the former commander of the 5th Infantry Division, to be re-trialed by a new Military Court Martial – a bold but controversial decision that fits senior generals at Bilpham against themselves.

Maj. Gen. Buay Rolyang was arrested in May 2018 on allegations that he had defected from the government to join Gen. Paul Malong among other minor counts; however, the first military court martial, which was formed on the 16th of June 2018 to investigate Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay concluded the investigation and found that the 5 allegations were “completely fabricated lies”.

The first Court Martial proved beyond reasonable doubts that Gen. Buay Rolnyang could never have thought of joining Malong, the man who arrested and humiliated him for 6 months despite having defensed the oil fields and sustained oil production in Upper Nile at the peak of the civil war that destroyed most parts of Upper Nile region.

“The investigation committee established that the allegations leveled against Stephen that he had contact with Gen. Malong and  that those of Maj. Gen. Dau Aturjong were in support of Malong is a completely a fabricated lie because:

“Stephen could not join Malong whatever the case may be since it was Malong who detained Stephen for six months without trail on allegations that he was collaborating with Dr. Riak Machar;

“Maj. Gen.  Dau Aturjong by then defected to Dr. Riak Machar before because of Gen. Malong and could not otherwise think re-joining a person he hated.”

According to confidential documents extended to Nyamilepedia, the first Court Martial found that some Bul-Nuer politicians from late Gen. Paulino Matip camp and influential NCP allies, who are currently remote controlling the president and the Chief of the SSPDF, are behind these subsequent arrests of Maj. Gen. Buay for reasons that are hardly kept out of public sight.

“family conflicts with the politicians and Generals of his home area especially in regards to the forces of Special Operations under the command of Maj. Gen. Puljang, is another factor because; they see Stephen as a treat to the forces of Special operation and they are afraid that with the presence of Stephen commanding a division, he might sabotage for the integration of these forces to main stream SPLA. So there was need to eliminate Stephen before their forces are tempered with.”

The long document shows that the first committee, which was shared by Maj. Gen. Michael Monah Kot, conducted their investigation in accordance with article 45 of SPLA act 2009 that vests powers on the A/CDF of Administration to investigate and try officers accused of crimes; however, the Chief of the SSPDF, Gen, Gabrial Jok Riak, has annulled the finding of the first Court Martial and ordered formation of a new Special General Court Martial to re-investigate Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay and his allies who are arrested with him.

The recently formed committee will be composed as follow:

  1. Maj. Gen. Thiik Aciek Hol for President of the Court Martial.
  2.  Brig. Gen. Hilary Oduho, member.
  3. Brig. Gen. Abubar Mohamed (judge), member.
  4. Brig. Gen. Riak Tiop Deng, member.
  5. Brig. Gen. Dhuol Gony, member.
  6. Brig. Gen. Nhial Arou, member.
  7. Brig. Gen. Angui Geng, member.

This new committee is expect to submit its findings within ten days to the office of Lt. Gen. Charles Madut Akol, the A/CDF for Admin, Finance & Personnel and off of Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak, the Chief of SSPDF.

Further investigation into this heated court martial found that senior army generals and politicians are divided with some supporting Gen. Buay’s defense position and others taking the opposite site.

The Chief of army, Jok Riak, and influential politicians like Tut Kew are not spared in this wrangle according to credit sources obtained by our investigative journalism. More to follow on this investigation.

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