Business to fail due to Internet shutdown Recommendation By Gen. Elly Tumwine

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We can do without boda bodas, internet—Gen Tumwine

That means these businesses & industries are damn dead;- food delivery, tourism(there’s no way a tourist will book an air ticket online or a hotel from the comfort of his home in Sweden) , transportation (uber, safe boda etc) , banking( online banking, EFTs, monthly payroll payments), Media(Tv station live casts, online conferences, workshops, briefings) , ICT & telcomes Education( universities & schools online) , increased govt expenditure on physical foreign travel etc.

Infact having internet shud improve security because its a technology.
Technology drives innovation/ entrepreneurship & massive economic development. The more we have internet free zones & hotspots in city clusters the more we expect innovation. It fosters research & studying. A society which reads is enlighted & that is how entrepreneurship is driven esp among youths. That is how economies grow

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