Covid 19 pandemic is blown out of proportion

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It’s immensely mind-boggling that a disease with 98% recovery rate can leave the entire world languishing in a frantic mode. Ever since Covid 19 raised it’s eyebrows in November 2019, over 170 million people have been infected with a paltry 3.8 million fatalities!

I’m not negating the fact that it’s implications can still take one six feet in the ground, my disappointment is how more precarious diseases have been shelved with gross attention alloted to covid 19.

Malaria, a more seismic disease leaves not less than 320 fatalities daily according to Child Fund. This statistic alone makes you believe the adage that Covid 19 is being overhyped if compared to malaria, TB, cancer and communicable diseases.

My advice to policy makers is to make it a priority to sensitise the masses about the benefits of accruing their body immunities so that the disease won’t leave them in dire situations such as death and being hospitalised on oxygen. This would be realised through consumption of foods rich in vitamins such ginger, lemon, carrots etc.

If our leaders make it a priority to sensitise the masses about immunity boosting, there wouldn’t be need for lockdown which has dented the economies of many countries. With the decision to lockdown countries, the ordinary man’s work is impeded leading to penury.

By Olemandro Ijjo Robert


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