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Martin Luther king jr. Once said ” our lives begin to end the moment we keep silent on things that matter”. Acholi say ” lyiec kelo yen latal le” Meaning an ELEPHANT always carries own woods used to roast it when it becomes meat!

Provocking ICC Besigye may end up awakening the ghost of Luwero war and brilliant genocide they committed in the North. Do you know why General Muntu rejected the idea?

I have always analysed Uganda’s polity. From 1962 to the 1966 Buganda crisis when Dr Obote abrogated the constitution and made self President, the 1972 to 1979 Amin’s dictatorship and 1986 to date in the dictatorship and Museveni’s Amin-like reign of terror; Uganda has never been the same again.

Torture, maiming and sheer abuse of human rights has been the swan song of leaders. The politics of tribalism and ethnicity polarized Uganda.

To date when a region and specific tribe is in power; the others suffer! BANYANKOLE has Museveni who betrayed them, only took care of his clan and left the others suffering!

Look at the army, police and parastatals like URA? Most top leadership are by people from same village. This must change. The the first people to chorus and vote for change will be BANYANKOLE who are falsely seen as eating.

Ugandans have been subjected to artificial poverty and made intentionally desperate. After grabbing power in 1986; they all engaged in acquiring wealth like Uganda is running away ! Look at how much land they have! They are acquiring more- Lusanja is resent!

The rulers made it appear impossible to change government in respective regimes. There has never been peaceful transfer of power but the art of war with Ugandans as innocent victims. But its ripe this time: ICC thing is diversionary.

Why FDC ICC petition is a waste of time.

The regime appears to be at its weakest.its like a man squatting! One push is enough to see him fall heads down! The people power movement and activities of opposition has shaken the regime bad. DP reunion must continue! He can let go to get signature in all villages but will tear gass any reunion where all opposition are involved!

The safe houses are not being maximally used, as the ISO boss remains scared after General Kahihura was sanctioned by the states! The signs are clear!

The NRM top leaders being denied visas to travel to America added to their misery. Generals are selling property cheap; they are sensing danger.

Of late the President appeared in BBC interviews totally out of point and crying out loud like a baby of how Bobi wine is moving around the world stopping funding and asking for travel ban against Ugandans in government.

He justified abusing Bobi’s rights to do business; his rights to trade of music. More than 150 shows advertised by Bobi wine has been canceled.

When FDC planned delegates meeting in Kampala, police crashed it. In any case any political moves targeting 2021 election; muzee is worried. But the ICC crab; amuse him just.

Impact of the opposition moves.

Hon. Bobi wine has been in the USA and Canada to rally Ugandans in Diaspora to financially support the 2021 campaign.

Finance had been the major problem of opposition as politics has become over commercialized with Museveni holding the keys to Bank of Uganda.

Bobi was able to meet university students and present papers in universities like Yale. This activities are a plus to opposition. A thing Dr Besigye should be doing to torment and expose Museveni more.

It downs that FDC is so much accustomed to publicity now than change. They are beyond publicity; just worried for nothing. FDC has been a government in the waiting for long until the visit of PP and Bobi’s gate crush of Dr Besigye’s base; but its normal; there’s always a second born.

Like Africans say, don’t make noise when Lizards pay you a visit when you bring ants infested faggots in your house!

FDC gave space as they embarked on action 2019 and PP and Bobi wine concentrated on mobilizing for votes. Now FDC has to do anything that can make news!

There are lots of Ugandans in Diaspora who listen to Dr Besigye and FDC than Bobi; there are DP in Diaspora that listen more to Mao etc.

The Diaspora has been central in most revolutions including the Arab spring. Dr Besigye’ activities and other opposition to unite Diaspora will play to their advantage home. Right now like Ugandans in Uganda, Diaspora remains divided.

The Diaspora contributes more than 5% to our GDP. FDC has always lost by rigged elections. The irony and paradox is that the games Dr Besigye plays before and towards the past four election makes it extra hard for them to raise financial resources to compete against the regime with our own stollen monies through corruption. A reason Museveni said he will crush opposition before 2021; but the story changed.

Kampala- More than 60,000 Ugandans have signed up the ongoing petition to take President Museveni and key government officials to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged crimes against humanity according to FDC.

The petition is being spearheaded by the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and the mock “People’s Government.”
The petition, launched a week ago, is aimed at asking the prosecutor at the ICC, Justice Fatou Bensouda, to prosecute Mr Museveni and his implicated officials on crimes against humanity.

The ICC as a drama .

It’s counter productive; retrogressive to revolution! The move by FDC is a great move but does it affect 2021 overthraw of the regime? FDC by dragging opposition cause to ICC which doesn’t have baring to 2021 makes us suspicious of the motives! But if its for publicity great!

The script is getting interesting! The ICC documents computer was stolen! But seems police dogs sniffed to the door of their security guard!

Instead of wasting time on ICC, Dr Besigye must show leadership and look for ways of uniting a divided opposition to kick out dictatorship. But failure to do that; the youth are set to vote against the regime. Opposition may not unite but Ugandans will.

The torture Dr. Besigye went through, the trump up charges against him, those on Bobi wine and many opposition leaders like Nobert Mao with m calls them calls for a united front.

FDC is looking for 2 million signatures to petition Museveni to ICC! But its like an elephant being atracked by house flies! Wasting time. Gives space to Museveni.

If Museveni is an ELEPHANT, We need enough bees to enter his nose to throw it down. Even if the signatures are realised, the FDC has to prove to ICC that they exhausted the courts in Uganda on the same.

They must have petitioned parliament for a special court on that. But the energy they have after spending 4 years talking of Boycott; action 2019 has dogged them.

FDC losses because they hardly reach all districts. A reason for unity, so a united opposition will protect votes and also have agents to stop rigging. Besides change the usual style! Doing one same thing for 20 years and expect different results is madness!

What is International Criminal Court – ICC?

THE international Criminal court ( ICC) was created in 2001. It only tries cases and crimes committed between 2001 and now!

It negates crimes committed before 2001. Yet if Dr Besigye and FDC loved all Ugandans and if they are genuine; they must revisit the smart genocide they committed in Northern Uganda for 2 decades .

I said ” they” because of collective responsibility. In 1987 to 1991 it was total reign of terror. At the time all the Luwero bush war Generals were together plotting and implementing a brilliant genocide in Northern Uganda.

The 1989 Mukura incidence in Teso where the National Resistance army ( NRA) under commander in chief; General Museveni and army commander Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu burnt alive 200 people.

The political commisser and minister for internal Affairs was Dr Col Besigye then! While General Tinyefunza alias Ssejusa was the commander in Gulu pursuing the operation scotched earth systems killing allegedly the people like insects.

I remember in 1990, there was a media blackout in Gulu by General Tinyefunza with instructions from commander in chief; what happened, heaven knowsbut hell doubts

Over 30 thousand children abducted unprotected; 1.8 million people enslaved in internally displaced camps; fed with food now children dying of nodding disease! we have seen massacres in Atiak, Lukodi, Mucwini, Achol pii, Barlonyo etc.

Who did it? We have people testifying of being tired Kandoya and relatives killed, raped including men and unfairly arrested Nd jailed without trials. The scars are still visible.

Iam not disounting torture of Dr. Besigye and Kasese murder! More than what we saw General Elwelo doing were done during the civil wars of ADF in Kasese. ICC petition must look beyond Kasese or Dr Besigye.

The ICC is international tribunal based in Netherlands at the Hague. Its intergovernmental.

It has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes of aggression.

The government of Uganda reported Lords Resistance army ( LRA) for sexual enslavement, child soldiers, torture and pillage. This was on 16 December 2003 and case began on 29 July 2004 under prosecutor Lius Moreno Ocampo.

Four commanders of LRA were issued arrest warrants. Kony, Otti, Lukwiya, Odhiambo and Ongwen. Its only Ongwen who surrendered and he is being tried at ICC.


We need a strong national reconciliation. We have all erred! We need a new beginning. Uganda needs a new done!

In my opinion; if its not usual dramas at the expense of change; we need a special court. FDC must champion the call for a special court like that of Seria Lone. To be promoted and passed by UN.

What is a special court?

A special court is a court with limited jurisdiction that deals with a particular field of law rather than territorial jurisdiction like the ICC. It is a court created for an exceptional and temporary purpose ( such as a commission to try alleged war criminal or a tribunal to hear!

The big example is the special court for Sierra Leone. Or the ” Special court ” ( SCSL). also called Sierra Leone tribunal, was a judicial body set up by the government of Sierra Leone and United Nations to prosecute persons who bare the greatest responsibility for serious violations of international humanitarian law.

This is meant to address serious crimes against civilians and UN peacekeepers committed during a decade long ( 1991 to 2002) civil war.

In the end! Uganda is big enough for all of us! We need a special court to delve into all heinous crimes against humanity not merely for political clout.

Mwaka Lutukumoi

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