Dr. Stella Nyanzi pens her exile

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Exile is neither defeat nor surrender. Having once been slapped with a travel ban by the Museveni dictatorship, it is no small victory for me to have successfully departed from Uganda with my children.

When I was a child, my father and mother fled from dictator Iddi Amin Dada in Uganda to Kenya with my sisters and I. We were refugees in Nairobi for a couple of years, until a semblance of safety returned back to the motherland.

It is striking that I have returned with my children to Kenya. There is no shame in seeking safety and security from political persecution. A dead woman cannot contribute to the liberation struggle. A detained woman cannot contribute to the fight for freedom. Alas, I am alive to live one more day to fight for freedom and liberty.

Writes Dr. Stella Nyanzi

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