General Thomas Cirilo is fighting for good cause

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The holdout National Salvation Front (NAS) led by Gen. Thomas Cirilo has rejected claims this week that it is fighting for positions rather than for good governance.

This came after the South Sudan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Deng Dau said last week that the government is ready to offer Cirilo a position if he relinquish rebellion against the government.

In a statement to whisper eye media team  on Thursday, the NAS deputy spokesman Wazir Michael Liah said their goal is not to fight for positions saying the prove is that they rejected the agreement which divides power among political elites and guarantee positions.

“If the goal was for positions,  why we rejected the so call revitalized agreement which divides position and cakes between political elites,” he asked.

He said his group still believe that there is need for the agreement to address the root causes of the conflict and changing the system of governance.

“We still believe that the crisis is not about who can take what as is believed by the IGAD, but to address what let to the ongoing civil war in South Sudan,” he said adding that “We believe it is about the absence of a government which cares about the people rather than the ruling elites.”

He further said they are calling for a governance system that will base on the will of the people of South Sudan instead of some man rule adopted by the ruling SPLM party.

“We called for a governance system that is based on the will of the people and exit from the one man’s rule which was introduced by the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM),” he further said.

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