Ghana Environment Activists Celebrate World Clean Up Day 2020

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As the world celebrated the #Worldcleanupday 2020, it was wonderful to see so many Ghanaians out today at Laboma Beach for the same celebrations.

Plastic pollution is a global problem and every global citizen has a role to play.

Individuals, governments, private and community organisations, have globally held celebrations including in many African states but it was encouraging to see so many youth participate today at Laboma beach in Ghana.

Solid waste had been poorly managed at Laboma beach. People of Ghana were not mindful of what they throw to the lakes and rivers. Most of these materials are plastic and are non degradable. The environmental impact is relatively high as no clean up was done in a long time.

The young Ghanaian people today who showed their love for their country Ghana and are clearly so committed to protecting its beauty and the environment in which we all live

The clean up exercise was joined by the Australian ambassador who comes from a country with one of the best economies. He physically participated in the cleaning of the beach.

The filth that Ghanaian own people created led to many saying that the mess in the cities were created as a result of poor orientation, leadership and cultural problem.

Eric Atta has commended the new Ambassador of Australia to Ghana and appreciated his spirited fight to save mother nature.

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