Hope in the Hopeless

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It is not that we don’t want to follow the rules. It is just that the pain is too much. We have goals we have put up and we have done everything to see them being achieved but then you happened.

You took away the people I wanted to do everything with. Am left with nothing but an empty life full of sorrow and grief but you are still coming at me so strong. What do you want from me? Why do you want a case that is already closed? Why are you now chasing after my enemies too? Am left with nothing but you are still coming after me. Why can’t you just let me be?

Am helpless. My dreams are now shuttered. I look at the clock ticking and am so anxious when you will come for me. Living a life with no dream is a difficult thing to do. Maybe when you are done with me you will be happy. Although am so weary I have heard there is a strong hope coming. This hope is stronger than you and am hoping this hope finds me still alive to take me away from your sight. You are trembling to the fact that you might lose me and you are moving so fast but hope is moving faster and before you know it I will be a forgotten goal to you.

Seeing you miserable isn’t what I will take pride in but am glad hope found me before you did. Am rescued. God came to my rescue. He is the hope I was telling you about and He is taking all the lost souls you had snatched from your hands. I will live to celebrate the new hope He has filled me with. I have won and you have lost. You have stopped coming at me and am glad I have a hope in God. Can’t wait to see your failing dreams

Mbeiza Joanita Rebecca

Guest writer

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