I touch the untouchables – Stella Nyanzi

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The known outspoken ex Makerere University Uganda Researcher, Dr. Stella Nyanzi says that she is not scared of any one.

She writes, ” If leaders in the opposition are untouchable, then we risk replacing the oppressive dictator with our own dictator. For me, I touch the untouchables for free!”

This post has been reacted to by many especially the NUP Supporters who think Nyanzi is attacking one party and particularly Bobi Wine.

This is happening at a time when the said parties are having cyber wars.

If we want freedom & liberty, self determination, must we must question the opposition as well?

Simon Rita, a facebook political analyst says that True, leaders should always be criticized. We blindly fell in love with Idi Amin, Obote and Now M7 and we still do not want to ask ourselves how we got there. He said that he agrees and supports Nyanzi for her open allegations.

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