Liam Katabira the Youngest Comic Writer in Uganda

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“It is always fun writing at a young age. I am now known by the names of young writer to my peers.” – Liam Katabira.

I started writing at the age of seven when I was in primary two. At that time, it was only pen and paper with My simple ideas. I always got inspired to write about the things around me like animals, environment, people etc.

As the interest increased about writing, I showed my mother what I was writing and she helped me become a better writer. My family has been supportive with providing writing material where I can write my stories. I also got a small ipad during the time of lockdown when COVID-19 hit as a greatest pandemic of all times to learn simple ICT skills. The schools were closed for a very long time. My writing has been my drive.

In October 2019, I connected with Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine ( and become the first Ambassador for their Young Writers Program worldwide. “That was the best opportunity I ever received in my life”, said Katabira.

I begun with writing half a page, now I can make close to 2 pages of typed work. The Kata Kata family has mothered me and profiled my stories at their website under the young writers column. They have provided illustrated pages of my work.

It is one years and 3 months now, since I became the brand ambassador of Kata Kata in Uganda.

My dream is to influence more young people to join me anf we write stories that can change the world. Stories that communicate what we the young people feel. So far, I have over 300 young people who believe in what I do as well as an online audience of about 870 people sofar on facebook that follow my activities. I am proud to have more that 35 short stories written by me which with the help of Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine, they are turned into interesting reading material for children as comic african books.

I wish to to see more stories told by the young people as they are the future of tomorrow.

I encourage more young people to stand out and join me to write stories.

To follow more about Liam, find his work on or @liamkatabira on social media channels.

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