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As the UK parliament is getting ready to debate democracy in Uganda, Museveni is gearing up for a fight. UK parliament debate and United State Senate public rebuke of Museveni for his democratic credentials, has set off panic in Uganda military readiness.

The government of Uganda is in dare need of immediate funding to upgrade its weapons and is seeking $103M immediately. The outcome of the UK parliamentary debate on democracy in Uganda would have major implications on Museveni’s stay in power.

UK and US as well as EU may fund opposition against Museveni and this will open up other groups to challenge Museveni military. Ugandans have been agitating for change and many have sought to use military means but funding has been a major setback for many Ugandans especially those in the diaspora. The United States has warned Museveni on using excessive force to suppress the opposition and specifically requested an independent investigation into the assassination of Yasini Kawuma. Senator Coons who is a member of foreign affairs committee on Africa, identified one of the weapons SCF soldiers were carrying to harass and intimidate Hon. Kyagulanyi’s supporters as American made military assault rifles given to Uganda military to fight Alshabab in Somalia. More on Voice of Uganda Radio this coming Saturday at 5PM Uganda time and 0900AM EST.

Nathan Span.

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