OUR BLACK SHIRT IS WHITE – Eng Tom Isingoma Mwesiga

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1. One morning smartly and gently dressed people come to point at a black shirt (national sovereignty) that it’s color is white (to be in hands of imperialists)!

2. Everyone is shocked why for sure someone with sensible minds wakes up one morning to lie that the real black shirt is white? Are they insane? Don’t they have eyes to see? Not at all this is unacceptable and unbelievable!

3. Shocked, people start asking themselves how surely on this earth planet black color becomes white?

4. The next day, the same people come this time with youths and women to tell the world that they are tired of old people saying that and that, it’s their freedom that surely to call a black shirt looking white! All that is covered on famous national television!

5. Then this calls for attention! Elderly are consulted, experts in color paint and mixing are called upon, intellectuals interviewed from famous universities, books, internet and research work are also consulted but all confirm how it’s unbelievable and not acceptable that black looks white.

6. The government officials, traditional, religious leaders and social workers also come in to tell how traditionally or according to religious history it’s never known how this can be real that black is white!

7. The following day the group leader Tom Isingoma Mwesiga (TIM) I come in raising my national flag how am campaigning for change that it’s high time the current generation accepts that black is white!

8. Some of the national TVs come in to interview me and covering everything that I do from step one! Another researcher from my group comes in to conclude that surely the black color when using certain ways may look white and it’s normal!

9. Officials send me warning letters to stop deception where am lying how black is white! The same TV stations and other social media platforms start condemning how the government is against human rights! The famous human rights activists in my country that connect with my group comes on to tell how it’s a human right to have freedom of expression!

10. Youths who want change print out shirts reading *our black shirt is white!* and start moving on streets throwing stones to leaders, some looting properties, burning buildings etc to show dissatisfaction, despite the warning from the police how their riot needs to first be analyzed!

11. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga (TIM) is held by the police and all I say is that it’s the will of people that our black color becomes white! Human rights activists go on those same TV channels to condemn violation of human rights! Those researchers, a few biased religious leaders and experts who belong to my group are the only ones interviewed how the government has no right to detain Tom aka TIM and his time.

12. So called international community groups who are actually the funders through so called international human rights organizations and media groups shall totally condemn, write threatening letters, put health and education embargo, defame, carry out so called surveys etc to make sure the world condemn the government how they are totally violating human rights of expression, injustice, etc to the minority group of team Tom Isingoma Mwesiga aka TIM.

13. If the government is weak it may be overthrown and the puppet TIM made the president who will follow their commands coz they made him reach on a top level!

14. But if the government is strong with youths, elderly, men and women, intellectuals, civil servants, genuine media companies and elected leaders who are not myopic that can differentiate that black can’t be white, can stand to defend their values and independence against imperialism, deception and inferiority complex by all means whatsoever!

The author is a political analyst, patriot and Pan Afrikanism agent.

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