Rabadaba, full figure, Madrat and Chiko engage in bitter verbal fight

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Recently singer Rabadaba was introduced and performed Nikkah with the late AK 47 widow Nalongo Maggie.

However after their introduction, many people have come out to give their comments on the introduction. Several analysts like Wisdom Kaye, Isma gave their comments claiming that the ceremony was funded by the wife. On the same matter, renowned bubbling word machine Full Figure also gave her comments emphasizing that Rabadaba was married by the woman herself and she expected it since Nalongo Maggie has money. Dual Comedians Madrat and Chiko also gave there comments and were not so different from those of Wisdom Kaye, Isma and Full Figure and this time round mixed with some jokes. However, to Rabadaba this was not a joke as usual, he got them all and gave them all their levels and warned them never to poke their nose again in his marriage issues.

The love portion singer went on and bragged that if they think he is poor they are lying to themselves. “I was raised in rich background and grew up inside a perimeter wall” Rabadaba stated He went on and and said that all those that are giving negative comments on his introduction are broke and none of their families have even a small plot of land in Kampala and most interestingly they are all illiterate and didn’t go to school. “I studied in the best schools in Uganda, completed and did my bachelor’s degree in information technology at Makerere University University” Rabadaba added Comedians Madrat and Chiko have replied to Rabadaba and told him that he shouldn’t feel bad because they said that it was Maggie that funded the introduction.

The Dual Comedians wished him only good luck and prayed that he doesn’t get a co-husband because Nalongo Maggie is said to change men whenever she wants. “He changes men like closes” the dual Comedians said. Rabadaba isn’t moved with all these allegations and says that he didn’t get Maggie because of money but she was her first cut and love back then in school and that he will love his wife Nalongo Maggie forever.

By Mukisa Kenneth

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