Ruhinda North, 2021, Why I support Hon. Tayebwa Thomas By Nkwene Nelson.

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In my talks this year and before I have been outlining some of the challenges we facing and people of Ruhinda North and Uganda at large, and our great problems, highlighting some of the things that are being done by political actors, activists and social workers to solve them, and urging my people to stand with leaders that interest themselves in protecting and promoting our interests not compromising interests of the future generations.

We are in unprecedented times. And folks, I’m sorry to say that the current political meltdown is one of the worst in our history. The Political instability, limited access to resources, unemployment, dysfunctional health system and yes, chronic poverty, are all in our future.

I know most of you will agree that we’re heading towards decades of extreme poverty, higher levels of unemployment and environmental stress, leading to even more severe economic disruptions than we have seen to date if nothing is done to make our people resilient and radiatively adapted to survive in our current political climate.

Meanwhile, we have an aging population, an unfair economy in which some people receive outsized gains while others fall behind, an educational system that is not preparing our children for the future, and deficits that require an increasing percentage of our revenue to service debt to other countries. There are huge problems loom in the years ahead, problems we should not pass off to our children and grandchildren.

In my view, faced with these problems, as Ruhinda North, we need a leader who can harness the best and brightest our country has to offer, a leader who is conversant with lobbying, understands and is comfortable with the power of networking to assist in solving these problems, a leader who is good at listening, studying, and devising solutions based on the best insight available, rather than on narrow ideology. We need a leader who can forge consensus in our fractured socio-economic and political climate.

Don’t you agree with me that We need a leader who can inspire our citizens and development partners to forgo narrow self interest and embrace the possibilities that we can achieve if we work together to build a better future.

For now, I believe Thomas. He is a man of these qualities, but also a man whose character and temperament seem suited to the problems we are face as Ruhinda North: unflappable, optimistic even in the face of adversity, willing to speak audibly about our challenges and listening to those who are opposed to his political approach. I’m thinking of his personal contribution towards health care, education sector, his push for further training of unemployed youth and his unscripted reactions when ideologically opposed

I primarily want to address the subject of why members of Ruhinda North join me in supporting Thomas, am building a case based on the broader issues,

Let me discuss some important considerations, personal and political, that I hope you who don’t like to see politics today, will forgive.

I want to be clear that this is my personal endorsement, and not an endorsement by Mitooma Youth Assembly I lead. Important to note Mitooma Youth Assembly is organisation where people of all political persuasions are welcomed and supported, and feel free to express their personal opinions, as I have here.

Let talk about how people of Ruhinda North feel Connected to and having access to the current leadership. The people I’ve interested with in the last 6 months are have been open to tell their opinion on the current leadership, Let me start with what they say access to information; a friend told me, our access to information today is unprecedented; the ability of everyone to discover and share important new development matters ideas to our leaders is greater than it has ever been in our history; she feels her important ideas have been able to bubble up and become visible to incumbent leadership and she feels she has contributed towards betterment of our area, she further told me that current leadership ( in particular, Hon. Thomas) appreciates a role each of us has to play towards building a better Ruhinda North, and his attention to diverse ideas has demonstrated his ability to harness diversity for universal development.

Considering the above testimony, I have been made to believe that Tayebwa’s prowess in listening to “Small ideas” has the potential to change the culture in which our society has always dispised opponents & socially low positioned persons. I know when populace get continued access to their leaders or administration. This access enables the long tail, and what we see here is the long tail of influence, a long tail in which self-organized groups of people who care about important issues will have far more impact than they do today.

I also believe that the current leadership will sustain this significant idea of listening to masses and applying the lessons learned from masses to push for socio-economic development of all.

Those of you who follow my writings know that I am a big believer that “Each of us has a role to play in developing our area ”, the current leadership conduct shows us the shape of the future we all want as Ruhinda North. and I believe that in Tayebwa leadership, each us will have an unprecedented opportunity to put their opinion, ideas and approaches to work to build a more responsive, more transparent, and more effective Ruhinda North.

It’s important to note that, it’s not going to be easy for anyone to unwind the enormous mess that has been created as a result of the mismanagement of the economy in the last 15 year under current regime, It will take great insight, intelligence, and an about-face in our attitudes to unwind this mess. More than that, though, making the right decisions, electing sound leadership, will determine the nature of networks will have, the opportunities available to us. In 2017, I realized that there is a need for a productive dialogue to be held with in Ruhinda North, It’s why I launched a webner platform “Ruhinda North WhatsApp forum, and why I’ve been spending so much time engaging in our daily deliberations in here. I believe each us, thinking about what we can learn from these developmental deliberations has remained active and I firmly believe that our deliberations here have and shall greatly impact on how matters affecting our community are managed.

We need a leadership approach that synthesizes the best of what the masses suggest for the betterment of all.

We need need a sound leadership not a pendulum-swing from one ideology to another. And despite claims to the contrary by different players, I believe that Thomas isn’t afraid to take the best development ideas from any part of the political spectrum.

I highly recommend Thomas for the second term in parliament.

I will say that I’m not satisfied with some of NRM policies. We need to move more urgently and more broadly than NRM envisions, but at least it has resisted some of the political posturing that characterized previous regimes, after all, our rehearsals to welcome a new government are facing down the finish line.

But more importantly, it is a strategic move in to have a leader who can speak to NRM as we prepare people for that day when people’s government will take over .

My hope — and I’ll admit that it’s only a hope — is that Hon. Thomas will keep remembering that interests of our people are the most important and should be put at center of all his considerations

To Ruhinda North community as, F. Roosevelt said “the only thing humans have to fear is fear itself,” and we should always use our power to reverse the fear-driven policies in our community and see everyday as a day to better ourselves.

Remember that, we are all in this together, and will have to continue to work and live together after the election!

Ruhinda North is Blessed!

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