South Africa news ; Eastern Cape man robbed of car minutes after buying it

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Wonga Malusi has been robbed of his Toyota Hilux Raider while driving out of the car dealership.

The victim stated he had been driving his car for 10 minutes when it was hijacked.

Malusi said he came to the dealership after the representative asked him to take the vehicle himself as they were concerned it could be hijacked.

According to Malusi, while driving, he stopped behind a Mercedes Benz and the passengers left the car and approached him.

“Passengers climbed out of the Mercedes and the next thing they were standing next to me pointing firearms at me. They told me to get out and drove off,” he claimed.

Police urge anyone possessing the information that can help the police in the investigation to contact SAPS Crime Stop.

In Cape Town, nanny threw baby down on the floor

Wynberg Magistrates’ Court has charged Paseka Mthitshana, 46, with abusing a 5-month-old baby. The details reveal that she shook a baby and threw it down on the floor. The suspect works as the baby’s nanny. The incident took place on December 11, 2018, with Paseka Mthitshana arrested the next day.

As the prosecution says, she is accused of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. However, the court ruled to release the woman on R1000 bail.

  • Paseka Mthitshana was previously charged with theft of personal property such as pampers, earphones, sunglasses and books.

and in Durban, a man is arrested after murdering niece and throwing body parts into pit toilet

A Durban resident has made his appearance in the Ladysmith Regional Court. He was suspected of murdering his niece.

According to KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Cpt Nqobile Gwala, the 8-year-old victim was reported missing in November 2018.

“Police officers assisted by local community members started to search for her, however, she could not be found. Later on the same day, while police were investigating the case, they responded to a report that community members wanted to kill her uncle at his house at Bhatha in Driefontein,” Gwala stated.

After the man was saved by the police officers, he showed them where he had committed the crime and dumped the body.

Ladysmith Regional Court has sentenced the man to 20 years’ imprisonment

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