South Sudan – Political Tolerance is the way to go.

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Why do these South Sudanese people think they can all be in power? Why not come together and harmonize issues to develop the country?

At the time of independence, the people of South Sudan thought self rule will solve your problems. It is true unless they embracediversity and embrace each other.

African dictators just can’t do anything positive. An oil rich nation yet remains poorest of the poor & scunt of the world ? Too much corruption, tribalism, incompetence & infighting over control of minerals and natural resources hence the country just like many ain’t moving forward towards prosperity, growth and development.

To end the violence South Sudan is experiencing today, tolerance is the only way.

I have long held the opinion that South Sudan’s political crisis resulting is sporadic civil wars is caused by the two top men in the helm of affairs: President Salva Kiir and 1st Vice President Riek Machar. The factions are tied to these two leaders, but it seems they both are loosing control of their forces.

Looking at how things are going South Sudan for peace to prevail again, it is better the AU resolve the disunity and Sudanese people must learn tolerance.

Africans wake up, wake up!!!

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