Stella Nyanzi at war with NUP Supporters

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NUP homophobes who are sharing timeless Photos of me at Gay Pride Marches in Uganda, And photos of my activism against homophobia,

There are lesbians of all kinds in NUP,
And gay men of every type in NUP,
And several bisexuals – even in the leadership, And transgender, intersex and queer persons, too.

In fact the whole LGBTIQA++ is fully represented in the NUP.
If you don’t believe me, ask your comrades. If you don’t believe them, ask your Principal.

Homosexuals are active members of NUP.
Homosexuals belong to all the different political parties in Uganda. I know so, because I have worked with them for years. I am a proud advocate for LGBTIQA++ rights!

After Stella Nyanzi wrote these words, it has sparked hunger among NUP Supporters.


When everyone was saying mama gone crazy
I refused to listen
Even when mama stood at the balcony
And stripped naked in front of glaring cameras
I only paid attention to why she did it, never caring about what she did even though aunty insisted it was an abomination
In the 9 o’clock news I saw mamas breasts hanging below her knees

At school, my teachers isolated me from the other kids
Gave me a desk, alone in a corner
Because they believed I was a special case
Cause my mama was said to be a mental case

I sat alone
Played alone
Ate alone
Walked alone
Couldn’t talk to no one cause no wanted to talk to me
Let alone smile…there was nothing left to smile about
Because I was my mother’s child
I became society’s badge of shame
The child of a mad immoral woman

Time healed me
Mama got her shit together
Activated her activism
And overnight her nude display gained a purpose, it was a protest
Many were convinced she was simply a victim

Mama was put in prison for poking the leopard’s anus
I never asked what sort of charge that was
Among those that strengthened my siblings and I while mama was locked away in prison, was the kyadondo MP
His words assured us that everything would eventually be alright
Months went by and mama was let out
She returned home with a new determination, a new plan
“From prison to parliament”

With this new ambition, she poked the leopard’s anus with both hands
There was a new found fire burning in her
She was more fearless than she’d ever been
I was once again proud of my mama
I would soon be child of a MP and the kids who’d rejected me would beg to play with me

Election day, we kept our fingers crossed
We huddled together and prayed as a family
We prayed and prayed and prayed
But I think mama’s opponents had stolen God’s ear before us
Mama was trounced by a young city lawyer standing under an umbrella

Mama gone crazy again
She woke up one morning and said we need to run
I asked her why and she said the umbrella is trying to kill us
I didn’t know what else to say
She said she had friends in nairobi
And didn’t waste time packing our bags

Since we arrived here in nairobi
Mama has been doing a lot of weird things
She sings NRM songs

Every night she reads us a chapter from a book called mustard seed written by the man she always referred to as leopard (she now calls him omulwanyi).
Mama hates umbrellas
She gets nightmares and screams “umbrella yiyo”

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