Sudanese opposition groups demand Bashir must go

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The Sudanese Professional Association, and the opposition groups including the National Consensus Alliance, Sudan Call and the Unionist Gathering Tuesday launched the Declaration of Freedom and Change which calls on al-Bashir to step down and the removal of his regime.

The declaration which proposes the formation of an apolitical transition government to lead the country for four years comes as the signatories have already agreed to coordinate their political action and to back the nationwide protests calling for al-Bashir to leave.

The signatory opposition forces which include several armed groups reiterated their commitment for peaceful means to achieve regime change in Sudan as they have condemned the use of use of force against the peaceful demonstrations.

During the transitional period, the technocrat government would hold a constitutional conference after negotiating peace agreements including the security arrangements with the armed groups.

In this respect, the two-page text pointed to the fate of the fighters of the different armed groups and underscored that the national matters can be discussed in the constitutional conference.

The text of the declaration includes issues similar to the memo of the 22 parties in term of economic reforms and ending Sudan’s regional and international isolation.

However, it dedicated a separate paragraph to speak about the need to address the root causes of the Sudanese crisis and to repatriate the displaced persons and refugees to their areas of origin, after financial compensation and restoration of grabbed land.
Also, it underscores the need to review the organisation of the army and security services as well as the civil service in a way to end the ruling National Congress Party (NCP)’s control over the three state institutions.
On Tuesday The NCP rejected a memo by 22 groups that participated in the national dialogue calling on al-Bashir to step down and to transfer power to a collegial body flanked by a transitional government.
Minni Minnawi, the Sudan Call Secretary-General issued a statement welcoming the memo of the 22 groups that distanced themselves from the regime.
“We, the Sudan Call forces and our partners in the opposition forces reaffirm our support to the revolution,” Minnawi said. He further added that the signing of the Declaration of Freedom and Change by the Sudan Call aims to strengthen the unity of the forces of change.
He stressed they will not deviate from the demands included in this declaration starting by al-Bashir resignation and the removal of his regime

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