Uganda Social Media Users to pay heavily for it’s use starting this October

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We all know blogging is all about attracting people to cause traffic and make money, not about spreading the right information.

In Uganda, there have been reports of unlwaful social media use that can be categorized as cyber bullying by the many users who continue to post unauthentic information in a way of attracting public attention.

With such unlwaful use by so many users and bloggers, the Uganda Communications Commission has come out to propose regulations to reduce such acts by putting user fees of 100,000 Uganda shillings, equivalent to 28 US dollars.

On top of paying for OTT, a social media tax introduced by Government of Uganda, the users have to part with more money to stay connected with family, friends and family.

Targeted are bloggers, owners of media companies, radios or online Televisions

The impact of such uncalculated policies is that many users may reduce the use of social media yet it was a platform used to promote their business thus loosing out on innovation especially the youth who are the majority of users for such services.

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