Uganda: UYD two rivalry factions set to resolve their sang

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Democratic Party  leaders have moved to strengthen their youthful political organisation and re consolidate their political bases in readiness to battle for Uganda’s political relevance come  in 2021 elections. Whisper Eye Reports.

According to reports on Whisper Eye desk Uganda young Democrats UYD ailing leaders in Brenda Nabukenya, Andrew Mugonza Katende Moses and the national DP youth Leader Okidi Chris plans are underway  this month on 7th November 2019 taking strides to solidify themselves, either recruiting new members and also emerge the new leaders with the old ones.

The Johnson street based organisation wants to rediscover its lost gory  and reorganize their structures ahead of elections. According to our insider Uganda Young Democrats has faced leadership struggles as  two groups claims its top leadership. 

One group led by Okidi Christopher a former MP aspirant  claims Mr Okidi is the President of the once famous youthful group as another group led by the former founding leaders claim the former Luweero Woman MP is the president .

Hon Nabukenya Brenda

UYD is famous to have birthed leaders in this country  in NRM , FDC , and DP  among them Mukasa Mbidde, Micheal Mabiike , Rose Namayanja of NRM among  others .

UYD publicist Mr Katende Moses said initially the idea of UYD reorganizing has  indicators,that; This will help to give direction of a youth agenda within the mother party the Democratic Party  but also at the national level platform.

He noted  the reorganization will help to resolve most conflicts within the Democrats Party because most conflicts are as a result of the disorganization and disorientation of the youth and alumnus of Uganda Youth Democrats .

The UYD leadership led by Okidi and some of the new  members  and its political bases remain solid under President Norbert Mao who is serving his second term as the political head of UYD mother party the Democratic Party.

“There is need to rebrand our party so that we can compete with others at national level. ” said DP youth leader  leader Okidi Christoper  on Saturday  at a meeting, where he announced the youthful party would rebrand supported by DP

In an address to  Michael Mabikke and other UYD Alumnus  in a meeting between the two factions Mr Okidi said , The fact is the capture, intrigue in UYD made many youth unguided, challenged our capacity to tap into the current youth demography and harness this demography to cause democratic change.

The result is a frustration of young people who are now finding sanctuary in other emerging political formations. The sooner we address this the better, because ahead has even tougher times for political parties. he noted.

Mugonza Andrew, a UYD leader acting as the organizing sectary , said UYD top leadership   have agreed to work together to consolidate their political relevance   before reaching out to Ugandans at the fast emergency of other political groupings .

Analysts noted that the current political activities in Uganda are part of the major realignments that have started to take place in the political scene as time progresses.

Okidi Christopher UYD leader

Namirembe Angella People power central youth coordinator and former UYD secretary general, Kyambogo University said I really want to appreciate the fact that our leaders have put up a symposium where I expect members to discuss about why UYD lost its glory, the challenges and resolutions.

I am a proud UYD and I really feel after the symposium, once given direction by my leaders I will automatically move with them. the 20 year old politician noted .

I welcome any idea that aims at bringing about change. Otherwise I hope for the best come Thursday and Friday and look forward to implementation of the plans that will be drawn during the symposium. Ms Angella Namirembe emphasized. 

“I see many  Uganda political parties re-branding in a bid to re-energize themselves  and win over political relevancy said Lineaker Kiggundu a political analyst in Kampala.

Kiggundu  observed that many of the leaders re-shaping their parties and pressure groups will emerge and  currently know they cannot win on their own .

“The point is the leaders are positioning themselves to go into political relevancy  for their parties and thereafter seek positions ” he noted.

He noted that the heightening political realignments may put Uganda in perpetual campaign mode until the elections.

 Ordinary Ugandans  are divided on the ongoing political developments. Some believe the leaders are pursuing their own selfish interests while others see the moves as the only way for their parties  to get power.

“I don’t support the move for each group to become politically relevant and this will give a chance for President Museveni’s NRM to freely win  them said James Mubiru  a MP Aspirant in Lubaga and the People Power leader in Lubaga Nrorth in Kampala.

He noted that leaders should be striving to form one coalition block under people power that unifies the country.

Kateregga innocent UYD leader in Masaka a, however, believes otherwise noting there was nothing wrong with leaders forming and strengthening their parties as long as it is done with the national good in mind.

However despite the trend of reorganizing the  Uganda Young Democrats , a source among UYD leaders have confirmed to Whisper Eye team the ploy  will result into a powerful Norbert Mao as a presidential candidate in 2021 as the alumni had no choice but to invest in their own after being rejected by popular musician Kyagulanyi Robert who recently unveiled a team of people power coordinators missing names from the UYD structures which was very instrumental in his elections as member of parliament for Kyadondo East.

The story was published on Whisper Eye

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