Ugandan Migrants in Middle East neglected as Minister Mukwaya reaps big from the labour export industry

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The former Mukono South MP Hon Jannat Baluunzi Mukwaya who retired from active elective politics in 2016 bounced back as a powerful minister-in the NRM government, she is the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs having been appointed to that position on 6th June 2016.

Hajjati Mukwaya is a former captain in the Ugandan military rebel group NRA now at the centre of the Labour ministry which is among the NRM government most tax appealing ministry which has seen many misfortune as Ugandans exported for Labour in very harsh and unexplained conditions.

Having been tasked as a Cabinet Minister of Labour for the second time by President Museveni she was tasked to negotiate a labour agreement with the Kingdom of Jordan, whereby Ugandan migrants can seek employment in the kingdom.

The former captain in the NRA Hajjati Janat continues to reap big from the ministry evidenced by her structural buildings she’s building around Kampala as criticism continue to downplay her efforts to fight rights abuse of Ugandans in the Middle East.

The Mukono born minister has constructed various apartments around the country estimated to cost billions of shillings despite her ministry having challenges on how to go ahead with the migrant problems in the Middle East countries mainly the United Arab Emirates.

In Jordan UAE and other Middle East countries, hundreds of Uganda migrant domestic workers are being held in detention. Lawyers and activists told Whisper Eye that many of these women windup in prison after they try to leave abusive employers, who can easily retaliate by falsely accusing them of committing crimes

This has come at a time when voices have been heard in the ministry about the minister taking advantage of the money opportunities in the ministry neglecting the rights of Ugandans in those countries crying out for government interventions over what has been described as poor working conditions.

It’s now a fact that the minister recently opened up her own
Institute called Exceed Training Centre on Salaama Road and two other Labour Externalisation Firms that reap millions from Ugandans intending to work Middle East countries.

Our sources noted that the ailing Minister is earning billions of shillings from these export and middle east companies that are mandated to oversee the export of Ugandans for labour in the Middle East however this comes at a time when many voices are being heard in the labour industry over exploitation of Ugandans,companies and other agencies in-charge of exporting Ugandans.

Our efforts to get a word from the minister herself were futile however our team has embarked on all efforts to have her side of story.

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