Uganda’s 7 year old : ‘Katabira Liam’ a finest comic creative writer

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Uganda’s 7 year old boy is probably the latest talent in Uganda after Fresh Kid in Music. As Uganda is yet to realize that the country is a wash with talents of the young ones, 
Years back in Uganda we were subjected to a lot of comic books such as Super Strikers which involved football related matters,  Kikosi .

A lot of us read them for simply entertainment and couldn’t wait for another issue to come out but there were silent lessons we learnt in the process.

These books surely gave us childhood memories worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Whisper Eye was able to reach out to Katabira Liam a student at Sir Apollo Kaggwa Nakasero in Primary Two Orange. Prior to this, he studied at Lotte Kindergarten for three years.

He learnt the art of blending, sounding with the jolly phoenix kindergarten curriculum and from there, he picked the interest in story telling and creative writing.

Katabira Liam poses for a photo at his school(Sir Apollo Kaggwa)

At 5 years, he won his first lifetime award during the Bumble Bee Championship for Kindergartens and Nursery Schools organized by Lotte Kindergarten and Pepea Africa initiative.

In early 2017 after they spelled some unique more that 7 letter words. He walked away with a electronic tab for kids with stories and games.

Katabira Liam’s mother told Whisper Eye News that Liam has a unique skill of creative writing. He imagines alot when writing. Some are abstract ideas but well contextualized. He has so far written stories like the old man who fell off the bridge, Cactus goes to school in the city, Hyena in the rain and many more.

Liam holding a blue wrapped gift after wining atop prize in the 
Bumble Bee Championship

Also, one once imaginery stories Liam has written is the story about a farm and a farmer. Here it goes.

There lived a farmer and a farm. The farmer’s name was called Joseph.
Joseph’s farm there were pigs, goats, sheep, camel, donkey, horse, cows ,cocks, hens, birds, turkeys.

A pig on Joseph’s farm grunts, a sheep bleats, a goat bleats, a donkey makes a sound of hee-haw, cow lows, a cock crows and a duck quacks.

Sheep live in pen, a horse lives in a stable, a hen lives in a basket and the bird lives in a nest.

Joseph out his animals and got money.

This is one of the creative writings from a joyful boy while Katabira Liam is unquestionably gifted.

His talent helps to remind us why poetry has such a strong oral tradition.

Katabira Liam poses for a photo at home while writing his comic stories

When the Ancient Greeks wanted to pass down their stories orally, they did so in verse, in part, employing rhythm and rhyme .

You can see Katabira is young he can fully understand all of the words in the poems he’s is creating, he clearly enjoys their rhythms and alliteration. Listen to the way he recites “He sits and writes and in a few minutes he has come up with something very creative.

Uganda boosts of comic artist such as Chris Mugarura ,faith kisa and others that write in different media outlets. Such young talents need support from the government.

Whisper Eye shall continue engaging the family and continue reporting about the boy’s talent.

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