Uganda’s Anti – LGBT laws to catch up with dozens of Ugandans in Europe

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  • Uganda’s Anti – LGBT laws to catch up with dozens of Ugandans in Europe

Uganda’s parliament recently passed a new sexual offences Bill 2019 that has reintroduced a ban on home sexuality practices in Kampala, Uganda.

According to MP Jacob Oboth Oboth, the bill introduced “ post- penetration consent which occurs in a situation where two people initially engage in consensual sexual intercourse but doing intercourse one person changes his or her mind and withdraws his or her consent to the sexual act.

The same committee also introduced a ban on sexual acts between persons of the same gender.

In Uganda, this is a curse as many still believe people of the same gender can’t have sex. Which act a popular one in Europe where many Ugandans have escaped too after allegations of promoting same-sex acts in Uganda.

Hundreds of Ugandans have sort shelter in European countries to escape justice in Uganda although it’s not a crime to practice, promote same-sex in most of these other countries, it’s a total ban in Uganda that can win you a big ticket to your life imprisonment for being caught in the act.

Speaking to Ronald Kasekende based in Germany, condemned what he described as unconstitutional to outlaw one’s right to practice his heart desire.

It’s true many are being hunted down in my country for same-sex gender desires by all groups of people including their own family, it’s very absurd, Emphasized Ronald Kasekende a local leader based in Germany.

Various news outlets report of many Ugandans that are believed to have escaped from Uganda over the same acts and in case they land in Kampala immediate arrest from the authorities.

Speaking to one of the police senior officer who is not authorized to speak to the media, noted that its true Uganda Police has carried out intensive investigations on many Ugandans mainly girls that are involved in promoting same-sex act in various communities in Uganda, these acts are very bad for our cultural and as police, we do welcome tough laws to deal with such elements. he emphasized.

He explained that other girls pretend to live a normal life but end up doing their acts incognito like a one Achan Ruth of Luzira a suburb of Kampala, who raised eyebrows by being caught red-handed with a married Woman that lead to the couples separation

This Ruth Achan is still a wanted criminal after disappearing from Uganda to Europe after jumping police bond. the police officer stated.

Its believed that dozens of other Ugandans are wanted over same-sex acts by Uganda police despite police being very skeptical about releasing the names to the public, Luzindana Joshua, Mugisha Anan from Kyotera, Wanyeyeya Peace from Mbale, David Kabuusu a professional doctor from Mukono, and others are some of the wanted criminals according to a police source.

According to authorities, these people are hiding in various towns in Uganda having changed names to hide their identity however police will do whatever it takes to ensure their arrest stops the vice.

Ugandans who have got a chance escape through Dubai disguising as labor workers and find themselves in European countries that are lenient to such acts.

In Uganda, if not arrested the same community can lynch the victim immediately as in 2011 Mr. David Kato one of Uganda’s most prominent gay rights activists was murdered in Mukono after winning a court victory over a tabloid that called for homosexuals to be killed.

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