Uganda’s Museveni lays ambush over Land Hot spots during festivous occasion: Kaweesa keefa

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Typical of a guerrilla commander, M7 has taken time and researched over the land evictions and has discovered that it’s mainly in the central region. He has now slapped a ban on all types of evictions during this season.
Informed sources have confirmed that he has written to the chief justice to reign in his judicial officers.

At the same time he has instructed his personal representatives, the Resident District Commissioners to be complaint to this moratorium, however, he has also instructed he District Internal security chiefs to monitor and report any noncompliance and violations.

M7 has come to learn that almost all land evictions are carried out during long holidays and over weekends when government offices are closed.
The only active offices during holidays are security which has been held responsible to either carry out or provide cover and back up in almost all evictions.

If this stop gap operation succeeds, M7 is likely to extend the same by establishing a Regional force attached to his office and not the mudded like Land protection Unit at Kibuli.
M7’s land crusade started way back during the guerilla war long before even the enactment of the constitution of 1995.

Informed sources say that he believed that the constitution would provide a solution to the chronic land problems which was not achieved
The enactmentent of the Land Act was also thought to be an enabling law however legal gurus plugged loop holes in it.

Whereas numerous amendments to this law have tried to cover the loopholes, the entire legal system and security have failed to respond positively hence the appointment of the Land Commission headed by Justice Bamugemereire.

The appointment of this Land committee has provided a temporary relief to many as it was viewed as a reminiscent of the 1924 Land committees which was headed by chief Justice and finally came up with the then revolutionary Busulu and Envujjo law of 1928 which curbed the eviction powers of the Land Lords.

However, a said seemingly no nonsense judge has already trimmed some of its operation powers by barring its interference with court orders.
In order not to be out done and mainly to circumnavigate this court ruling, a vividly angry M7 has set up a pararrell anti corruption squad headed by a Colonel to investigate cases, including land matters.

The first strike by this squad was in the heavily infested Wakiso district, the headquarters of land evictions. It has also been revealed that this squad is investigating past related cases of corruption where senior governments including judicial officers have been mentioned.

After the festivous season, it also believed that M7 is going to form regional anti corruption units comprising of retired civil servants, army personnel and judges of highest moral caliber to handle land matters together with corruption cases.

That this a much wider campaign base to popularize M7 as a president caring about the landless and down trodden people to counter empty people power onslaught.

This campaign strategy is on two fronts, corruption and Land grabbing which are definitely at the heart of every Ugandan, rich or poor.

However, the recruitment centers record data looks almost empty as there very few Ugandans who can measure up this task. Most of these cadres have either lost hope and are just waiting around for the appointment with their creator or dejected and cannot be easily rejuvenated.

The other alternative is to recruit expatriates which are also likely to be susceptible to corruption.
It’s a noble patriotic struggle which ought be supported by open mind Ugandans.
Best wishes in the festivous season and a happy new year.

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