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Africans please the war is real. And ours has never been a cold one, it’s an intellectual one. As I searched through the pages of the Encyclopedia Britanica, this is what I found out that by 2009 these guys could write about an African Hero like Qaddaffi. That Qaddafi removed the U.S. and British military bases from Libya in 1970.

He expelled most members of the native Italian and Jewish communities from Libya that same year, and in 1973 he nationalized all foreign-owned petroleum assets in the country. He also outlawed alcoholic beverages and gambling, in accordance with his own strict Islāmic principles. Qaddafi also began a series of persistent but unsuccessful attempts to unify Libya with other Arab countries.

He was adamantly opposed to negotiations with Israel and became a leader of the so-called rejectionist front of Arab nations in this regard. He also earned a reputation for military adventurism; his government was implicated in several abortive coup attempts in Egypt and The Sudan, and Libyan forces persistently intervened in the long-running civil war in neighbouring Chad.

From 1974 onward Qaddafi espoused a form of Islāmic socialism as expressed in The Green Book, 2 vol. (1976, 1980). This combined the nationalization of many economic sectors with a brand of populist government ostensibly operating through people’s congresses, labour unions, and other mass organizations. Meanwhile, Qaddafi was becoming known for his erratic and unpredictable behaviour on the international scene. His government financed a broad spectrum of revolutionary or terrorist groups worldwide, including the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam in the United States and the Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland. Squads of Libyan agents assassinated émigré opponents abroad, and his government was allegedly involved in several bloody terrorist incidents in Europe perpetrated by Palestinian or other Arab extremists. These activities brought him into growing conflict with the U.S. government, and in April 1986 a force of British-based U.S. warplanes bombed several sites in Libya, killing or wounding several of his children and narrowly missing Qaddafi himself.

These two paragraphs show nothing but intellectual propaganda and the efforts to justify their attacked before even they are committed. While the anti-african universities and colleges, their professors and doctors are busy plotting wars that their government are to implement, the African professors and teachers are busy teaching the schemes devised and created by the colonizer, distablizing the university as we see Makerere University in constant strikes. So when and who will redeem the African intellectual image?

People of repute have tried to write and raise the awareness about the limitless wisdom of an African mind, but if we as the young generations are caged within the remains of the glory of our forefathers, we shall be swallowed by the raging war against us. Before now, we know that we are Africans, but have we done anything to claim our stolen legacy? Think of how you think about the African disctator? Where do you think he should be punished? What are you doing to rise to the level that you would want us as the continent to be. We must all unit as Africans to fight for one republic. The United Republic of Africa (URA).

We want to hear all the young people talking of uniting all these African states to form a one nation. A nation with one President, one parliament, one army-The African Republican Army. One Banking system and one everything. This is what our adversaries like the USA, China etc are worried about. That is why they kill and remove all those that think like our fore fathers. So our fight as Africans to win this war that the European tribes and later states have waged against us is what it means by a clear Twebereremu crusade in Uganda . Where you stand in this fight defines your determination and worth, determines your level of understanding, your effects and contribution. Let us unit. One African nation is the only remedy to our perpetual problems like wars, corruption, injustice, prolonged stay in power, racism etc name your own problem and think if we had one African nation that on a panel for justice, the judge is from south Africa, the lawyer from Nigeria, and the jury from different states, would the Temangalo land have gone, would the Kenyan IEBC have carried out fraudulent and sham elections? Or would a state minister be implicated in the American corruption scandal and cover it up?

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